About Us

The University of British Columbia Mental Health Network (UBC MHN) was created to better coordinate groups on campus and promote mental health resources in a strategic and effective manner. Our Network representatives meet monthly to share ideas and collaborate on various initiatives and projects.

The Network also works to ensure due consideration for mental health in present and future student affairs at UBC. The Network recognizes the importance of student-centered policy development, and serves to advocate on behalf of students rights for the identification of mental health as a university priority.


The UBC MHN envisions a community that supports a culture of holistic well-being for students during the course of their academic career at the University of British Columbia.


At the University of British Columbia, the UBC MHN shall serve as the leading campus organization that consistently maintains, develops, and provides quality mental health guidance and expertise. The UBC MHN’s dual mission centers on collaboration and advocacy, as it strives towards creating a thriving and healthy UBC community.

The UBC MHN shall:
1)     Proactively facilitate the establishment of valuable collaborations amongst key campus partners. Such collaborations shall bring forth and further enrich the Network’s extensive knowledge and expertise of student mental health and wellbeing.
2)     Advocate for due consideration of student mental health issues in current and future student affairs at UBC through organizing events, initiatives, campaigns, and lobbying efforts. Such advocacy efforts shall foster and enhance awareness and understanding towards the importance of student mental health on campus.


  • Inclusive community and global citizenship
  • Strong partnerships and effective collaboration
  • Innovative, sustainable social change
  • Development of student and community capacity

2013 to 2016 Strategic Goals

1. Network Development – The UBC Mental Health Network will forge effective partnerships with key campus stakeholders, who will work together to establish a core internal structure that supports the execution of the Network’s vision, mission, values, and broader strategic plan.

2. University Policy – The UBC Mental Health Network will work with the University to review current policies, provide recommendations, advocate for change as necessary and enhance awareness and accessibility of academic and non-academic policies to better support student mental health and well-being.

3. Student Services – The UBC Mental Health Network will work within the campus and broader community to strengthen and diversify the mental health and well-being services available to students in all stages of their academic career.      

4. Cultural Shift – The UBC Mental Health Network will champion the campus cultural shift to foster student mental health and well-being.

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