MHN Ambassadors

Our Ambassador Team is comprised of students, staff, faculty and community members who represent the Network and engage the UBC community in our Network Member initiatives, programs and events!

3rd year, Sauder/Arts 

Hey! I’m Alex, I’m a hopeful human resources major and creative writing minor. Born and raised in Vancouver, find me at the aquarium and record stores. I spend my free time playing the piano, eating pizza, watching Star Wars, and going bowling. I am interested in spreading awareness and the importance of mental health and look forward to my first year as part of the Mental Health Network.



2nd yearaleah

Hi everyone! I’m Aleah, and I’m in my second year at UBC. I’ll be working with the MHN as one of the ambassadors this year. I decided to join the team because I want to promote mental wellness through on-campus initiatives. Over the years, I have learned how important it is to keep ourselves mentally healthy by finding the right sense of balance in our lives. In my free time, I like taking photos, trying new brunch places, and checking out Vancouver’s art scene.

2nd year, Science

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a second year cognitive systems student ashleyat UBC. I am excited to work with MHN as Ambassador this year. I find it especially interesting that our mental health is not a static condition but is continuously molded by the experiences we run into. This is why I believe it is important to create an environment that cultivates healthy mental health. Something interesting about me is that I grew up in many places including Toronto, Vancouver, Ohio, Seoul, and Tokyo. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy going to different restaurants around Vancouver with my peeps because I love eating!



Hi, my name is Bea and I am a graduate student in Rehabilitation Sciences. I also did my undergraduate degree here at UBC in Kinesiology while playing field hockey for the university. I love playing basketball, beach volleyball, cycling, and hiking and am really interested in promoting the benefits of exercise on mental health. I’m looking forward to promoting mental health awareness on campus with the Mental Health Network!


Bethany Del Begio
3rd year, Food, Nutrition, & Health

Hello! My name is Bethany Del Begio and I’m in my third year bethanyat UBC studying Food, Nutrition, & Health. This will be my second year as an ambassador and I am so excited to be part of the team advocating for mental health awareness and understanding on campus. This year I am hoping our team can continue to open the dialogue about mental health and establish a community that is increasingly connected, knowledgeable, and supportive in this area. Outside of school I can typically be found bopping around at a concert, thrifting, or contemplating cleaning my room.


1st year, Economics 

Hi! My name is Ella and I am a first year International Economics (BIE) student. I am ellasuper excited to be a Mental Health Ambassador this year because I am passionate about helping others and making a positive impact on our community.  Mental health is an especially important subject because during our busy lives, checking on yourself can easily be overlooked. To tell more about myself, I was born in Korea, but I came to Vancouver right after elementary school. I am very familiar with both cultures, and I know what it’s like to adjust into a new environment. During my free time, I love sharing good times with family and friends, but I also love having some quiet alone time. I especially love to binge-watch TV shows, go on nature walks and watch sunsets. I can’t wait to do the last two on our beautiful campus, and of course, I can’t wait to meet you all.



lHello, my name is Elizabeth. I was born in Russia, raised in Ireland and elizabetham now officially Canadian. Iilove hiking, playing piano, singing, listening to music, trying new things and curling up to a good book with tea and a warm blanket. I am working towards a career in the field of Psychology and plan to work with children. Mental health is not just a rapidly growing concern regarding disorders and disease, it is the basis of how we function in our daily lives.

The environment we live in can make our mental health vulnerable at times and it is important to raise awareness and engage the community in this extremely relevant topic. I am very passionate about promoting a mentally healthy lifestyle within our community and reaching out to those who may not be aware of the resources that are available to them. Looking forward to working and meeting you all!




Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer and I’m in my second year at UBC. I jenniferam honoured and excited to be a part of the MHN team this year as an ambassador. I am passionate about mental health and strongly believe in ending the stigma around it. Thus, I look forward to increasing awareness through promoting a more positive, understanding and accepting approach towards mental health. I believe it is important to treat others with respect and kindness as everyone is fighting a battle (no matter how big or small) that we may know nothing about. Together, we can cultivate a supportive and healthy community. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, painting, volunteering and travelling.



Joanna Conde
4th years, Arts

Hi! My name is Joanna Conde and I am a fourth year joannaPsychology major at UBC. My biggest passion in life is helping people realize and achieve their full potential so naturally I am a huge advocate for mental health! My research interests are primarily to due with the influence of diet on self-esteem. I’m a big time nature lover and awe seeker, I love finding beauty in the simplest of things. I was born in Cancun, Mexico but before I turned 18 I moved around the globe from Japan to Dubai to Vancouver so I’m your typical third culture kid who considers “home” nowhere and everywhere.



Milan Zivadinovic
2nd year, Science

Hello! My name is Milan Zivadinovic and I am a second year Science milanstudent, majoring in Behavioural Neuroscience. I am thrilled to be part of UBC’s Mental Health Network as an ambassador this year. I am originally from Serbia where I spent my early childhood before moving to Vancouver at the start of elementary school. Whenever I am not studying I enjoy spending as much time as I can outdoors in the nature and getting involved in many sports, particularly tennis which I absolutely love. Mental health is not just a topic that I am passionate about studying and pursuing a career in. Mental health is something relevant to our entire community and a rapidly growing concern for global health. Many people are unaware that brain disease accounts for more burden of disease than cancer and cardiovascular disease combined or that 1 in 3 Canadians are directly affected by brain disorders. I believe that educating our community about mental health is a crucial step in creating change and inspiring even more people to come together and contribute in this field. I am excited to work with this great network of individuals and contribute to an amazing cause.


1st year, Artsmonique

Hi! My name is Monique and I am a first year student in the Arts program. I love reading, doing yoga, learning, exploring, going on adventures and being in nature. Aside from mental health and psychology, I am also extremely passionate about social justice, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and animal rights. As a Mental Health Ambassador, my goal is to help people become more aware of mental health issues while also helping reduce the stigma around mental illnesses.



2nd year, Arts

Hi! I’m Miranda, a Vancouver born, 2nd year psychology student. This is my first year at UBC and I’m thrilled to be one of the mental health ambassadors this year. Some activities I enjoy are yoga, snowboarding, and trail running. I’m a lover of tea, cats, oversized sweaters, and just about anything that involves being outdoors. Mental health has been one of, if not the biggest aspect of my life. I have a passion for healthy socialization and demystifying the stigmas surrounding mental health. My goal this year working with team is to continue the work that is being done around campus promoting the importance of mental health and to bring even more awareness into our community.



2nd year, Science

Hello! My name is Neelam and I am a second year Biology neelamstudent. I was born and raised in Vancouver, and for me UBC was perfect, as I didn’t want to leave this beautiful city. I enjoy spending time with friends and family as well as travelling and running in forest trails.  I believe that recognition of positive mental health is important as it is often overlooked. I look forward to this year and spreading the word about positive mental health on campus!




2nd year, Science

RHi! My name is Ravia and I am a second year Integrated raviaSciences student. I am hoping to be able to learn about the affects of mental illness on physical health and immunity. I joined the Mental Health Network to be able to help remove the stigma around mental health and spread awareness of mental wellness in the UBC community. Outside of school, I love to dance and draw and I am a part of UBC’s FIMRC and ISA-UTSAV. Through this position I am hoping to increase the conversation about mental wellbeing and promoting the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



4th year, Sciencesaba

Hi, my name is Saba and I am a 4th year Biology student at UBC.  In general, I am very outgoing and cheerful and enjoy any type of competitive sport, especially soccer. During my undergrad, I have come to realize the huge impact that stress from school, work and personal life can have on students. I joined MHN as Ambassador this year because I wish to raise awareness about mental health in our community and school environment. I look forward to working alongside all of you throughout this year and in the future.




2nd year, 

Hey there 🙂 My name is Sahi and I’m in my second year atsahi UBC. My own personal experiences from a young age have shaped the amount of passion I have today for mental health, child development/psychology, geopolitics behind education, and self-expression/the increase of perspective through reading and writing. I have always loved the idea of using simplicity to help others, and I’m the kind of person who will go out of my way to smile at random strangers, though I spend most of my time alone with a pen & book or volunteering. I don’t believe in taking many things at face value and always dig deeper in the fields I feel strongly about and patiently advocate causes that I know I can genuinely contribute to. I believe that across the globe, mental health is a painfully broad term with slightly different and misconstrued meanings/stigmas, and that balance and an all-rounded education are extremely important goals to work towards in informing students of all ages. I hope to put my experiences and knowledge regarding mental stability to good use as I join the MHN ambassador team for the second time around. I also like lasagna.


1st year, Science

My name is Tina and I’m a first year student in the Faculty of tinaScience. I think it’s so important to have open dialogue about mental health and I’m overjoyed to be working with MHN toward this goal. If we can have more open and honest conversations about what makes us feel good and not so good, I think everyone would be able to sleep a little better at night. I enjoy reading, not doing my homework,  sleeping and keeping up with my snap streaks. I think humour is a great way to destress so I’m also an avid fan of puns and memes much to the distaste of pretty much everyone around me.




2nd year, History

victoriaHello, my name is Victoria and I am very excited to be part of MHN this year! I hope to be able to continue addressing the stigma surrounding mental health and educate students and staff on ways to promote a healthy lifestyle while at university. I understand how mental health reaches every part of our lives, and can especially affect education. I want to be able to give people tools so that they can make the most out of their life, at UBC, and after they graduate. I am a second year History student, with an interest in conflicts of the Middle East. In my free time, I love watching political and historical documentaries (because I can never have enough history in my life)!



4th year, Science

Hi, I’m Yousef! A 4th year biopsychology student who conducts research at the Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre. I have also been involved in creating a number of initiatives and have worked with organizations such as Partners in Health Canada. In the future, I hope to continue working alongside various organizations to further improve the UBC community.

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